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28th Colmar International Festival

From 5th to 14th July 2016

Tribute to Jascha Heifetz (1901-1987)

Jascha Heifetz

The festival is proud to announce you that in 2016, it will pay tribute to the Russian violinist Jascha Heifetz (1901-1987). Born in Lithuania, he started learning the violin at the age of 3. He entered the class of Leopold Auer and gave his first public performance on stage in 1907, playing the famous Mendelssohn Concerto. Graduated from the Conservatory at the age of 7, he undertook tours throughout Lithuania, earning the reputation of "the most phenomenal child prodigy that ever was".

En his brilliant career started then with his first Russian recordings as he was 10, followed by his first concert in St Petersburg, before an audience of over 25 000 persons. When the Russian Revolution broke out, he left Russia and emigrated to the United States. When the notorious Fritz Kreisler met him, he said "we could now break our bows on our knees". He pursued his renowned soloist activities until he decided in 1962, that it was time to stop, after a half successful operation of his right shoulder. Acclaimed on stages throughout the world, he had the honor to hear, during the 65 years of career, dedicated Concertos. Once he retired, Heifetz devoted himself to teaching. He was rewarded posthumously with the "Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award". Save the date from 5th to 14th July to be a part of a promising 28th Festival edition.