The Colmar International Festival

Concert at the Saint Matthieu Church

The concerns of a Festival whose only option is excellence

Exacting artistic demands

Based on a well-defined, coherent idea, the Colmar Festival adheres to demanding standards to attain veritable international renown - attracting musicians and ensembles of the highest level and organizing a well thought-out and well-planned schedule of events  

An original concept for a festival unlike any other

The choice of a central theme is a particularly original concept that has ensured the perpetuity of the Festival of Colmar; the annual tribute to a great musician has become its main theme.

This concept enables the festival to approach all repertoires and opens new horizons: tribute to an instrument, a country, a culture, etc.

This unusual approach gives unity and special coherence to the festival's entire musical program.

Thus, since 1989 Colmar has focused on several artists.

The artists who have been honoured by the International Festival of Colmar have not only been exceptional performers, for their absolute devotion to classical music and art, in addition to their humanism and feeling of duty to others, has often led them to a more global commitment.

The Colmar International Festival

As an authentic forum for classical music in all its infinite variety, the Colmar International Festival is, as always, remarkable for its enthusiasm, its originality and its absolute insistence on artistic integrity.The hallmark of this Festival, situated in the heart of Alsace and Europe, is its refusal to place music into neat categories or to succumb to routine, and its willingness to diversify and take risks.

Throw caution to the winds, astonish yourself, yield to curiosity and the pleasure of embarking on a rich and singular musical journey represented by this festival unlike any other. The pleasure and happiness of a shared musical experience await you! Ever striving for overall coherence, the carefully devised programmes focus on the particular theme to which tribute is to be paid, spurning the usual programming philosophy of the summer festival circuit.

The Festival includes symphonic music, choral works and chamber music. Here, masterpieces of the classical repertoire rub shoulders with rare works and first performances, and well-loved favourites are featured alongside pages of adventure, discovery and emotion… Thanks to the talent, conviction and warmth of the musicians and their commitment to the concept of tribute, not to mention the enthusiasm and loyalty of the increasingly numerous public, the reputation of the Colmar Festival now stretches beyond the borders of Alsace and France.

Throughout the Festival's existence, artists and audiences have never ceased to believe in the open-minded approach which has helped to create a special, friendly atmosphere mercifully immune from the slightest trace of snobbery.
Concert at the Chapelle Saint-Pierre
Concert at the Koïfhus

An artist of renown

After winning numerous prizes in international violin competitions (Montreal, Long-Thibaud in Paris, Tchaikovsky in Moscow, Paganini in Gênes…), Vladimir Spivakov began a brilliant international career. His career took off in the West after a triumphant tour of the United States in 1975 and numerous concerts in Europe. The most renowned orchestras welcomed him as a soloist: Chicago, New York, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin, etc and he played under the direction of the greatest conductors: Bernstein, Solti, Ozawa, Maasel, Abbado, Giulini…

In 1979, after his debut as a conductor at the Ravinia Festival of Chicago, Vladimir Spivakov formed his own orchestra, "The Moscow Virtuosos", in Russia.  In this remarkable chamber orchestra he brought together solo musicians belonging to the best ensembles in his country.

Very rapidly the "The Moscow Virtuosos" gained a sound international reputation, giving more than 120 concerts a year throughout the world.

After acclaiming his exceptional gifts as a violinist, his recordings (more than 30 discs in 5 years) and his magnificent work as the artistic director for the Festival of Colmar, the public applauded Vladimir Spivakov as a complete artist.

Important dates in the life of Vladimir Spivakov ...

A festival looking towards the future

Since the beginning, the International Festival of Colmar, spurred on by its artistic director, has most particularly endeavoured to assist and promote young musicians.

Thus, each year Vladimir Spivakov gives a chance to young artists from the four corners of the world.

Alongside acclaimed artists, these highly talented young people, destined to become the great names of tomorrow, perform in Colmar with an orchestra or in a recital.  Acting as a springboard, these concerts often give a tremendous boost to their careers.

Indeed, the Colmar Festival prides itself on the success of its program for young talents.

The artistic Director

Russia is the land of his heart, but this does not stop Vladimir Spivakov from constantly dreaming of a great ecumenist surge bringing peoples and artists together. This dream has been the driving force behind his artistic direction of the International Festival of Colmar over the past ten years (since 1989).

An extremely talented virtuoso, a conductor invited by major orchestra formations and the charismatic conductor of his own orchestra The Moscow Virtuosos, Vladimir Spivakov is also the musical director and main conductor of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Russia.


Direction artistique : Vladimir Spivakov

Chaque année, le choix d’un thème porteur assure au Festival un concept pérenne. Ainsi l’hommage annuel rendu à un grand musicien devient le fil conducteur, permet d’aborder tous les répertoires et ouvre de nouveaux horizons : hommage à un instrument, à un pays, à une culture… Cette approche confère à l’ensemble de la programmation musicale une unité et une cohérence artistique qui lui permet d’accueillir les plus grands musiciens de la scène classique actuelle et un public fidèle.



8 rue Kleber
68000 Colmar
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Président : Francis Hirn
Directeur : Claire Weiss


Le Festival International de Colmar est organisé par l'Office de Tourisme de Colmar